Google’s View on Android Gambling Game Applications

Android Gambling Game – Google’s View on Android Gambling Game Applications. Does google allow android gambling game applications with real money bets?

Online gambling Trusted online casino malaysia nowadays has been very developed. If a few years before, online gambling was only available on online gambling sites aka web base. Currently online gambling can also be done through android games.

Quite a number of online gambling companies are taking steps to release online gambling android games to attract more players into it.

Google Play Store Strictly Prohibits Gambling Elementary Games

Google's View on Android Gambling Game Applications

Associated with the increasing number of gambling companies that release android gambling game applications. Strictly speaking, Google has actually tried to limit the space for online gambling under the guise of this game.

Through its application marketplace “Google Play Store”, Google has issued a strict policy that will limit gambling games with money. In addition to gambling, Google also prohibits inappropriate content and illegal activities from being published on the Google Play Store.

To understand the full policy regarding allowed games to be published on the Google Play Store. You can directly read about it on the Google Play Store developer policy center page.

Google Also Restricts Game Ads and Gambling Sites

Not only prohibiting the publishing of gambling games on the Play Store, Google also released a policy to limit the advertising of games and gambling sites.

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Although it does not completely prohibit games or gambling activities in it, the rules provided by Google are quite difficult for operators and online gambling companies.

Call it one of them is a rule that states that to be able to advertise online gambling services, related parties must first obtain certification from Google.

In addition, the reach of game ads or gambling sites is also limited by Google. Ads submitted are only allowed to target countries where online gambling is legal.

In this case, Indonesia is not one of the countries that legalize gambling. So that Indonesia cannot be used as an advertising target by companies or online gambling operators.

According to some reviews from pages on SEO online casino and offline casino, the reputation of sites serving ads as well as content promoting gambling can be bad in Google’s eyes. There is even a possibility that related sites are restricted in access.

The Spread of Android Gambling Games That’s Happening Right Now

For companies or gambling operators who have sufficient understanding of the regulations imposed by Google. They usually will not waste time by submitting a request for advertising services, because the conditions are quite inconvenient.

However, there are always loopholes in every regulation, Google is no exception. As it is known that Google only limits ad requests for its services. But out there there are quite a few website managers who offer advertising space on their sites for these gambling companies and operators.

Some of you must have encountered it on several sites online casino, mostly streaming and illegal sites. Usually the gambling company or operator will pay for the ad space to direct visitors to the page that contains this android gambling game application.

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These apps are usually available in APK format.

For information purposes only, applications with APK formats are usually less secure. Many say that applications outside the Google Play Store are very prone to virus infections.

This is one of the reasons why you should avoid downloading android apps outside of the Google Play Store.

That’s our discussion about Google’s policy on android gambling games. However, games with gambling elements like this can have a negative impact on the players. This is the importance of strict regulations to overcome the increasing spread of online gambling.

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